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'Celestial Chakra Collection’

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The 'Celestial Chakra Collection’ brings together the '7 Chakra Candles', 'Celestial Aura' Spray, and 'Celestial Aura' Anointing Oil to create the total package for energy and spiritual healing.

'7 Chakra Candles' Set is a set of handcrafted candles for the chakras made with organic coconut wax, essential oils, topped with herbs and spices. Each candle has been blessed, infused with prayer and intention to balance each of the 7 chakras. For best results, use the candles during meditation, journaling or creative writing, taking a bath, ritual work, or any activity with the intention of healing your body, mind, and spirit. 

To Use: Allow the wax to completely melt across the top of the candle to avoid candle welling or tunneling. Trim wick to 1/4" after each burn to ensure proper burning. Never leave a flame unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets. Follow these instructions to get the best use of your candle.

'Celestial Aura' Spray is a blend of herbs and floral waters infused with prayer and intention, and charged on my altar, to uplift your mood, change the vibrational energy around you, and sweeten your aura. his blend is formulated to cleanse and remove any energetic debris, while also bringing in the energy of love and sweetness. It acts as a balancer to your auric field, like hitting a spiritual "reset button". It can also be used as a "florida water" to add to spiritual baths or spiritually cleanse tools and surfaces. 

To Use: Spray 3-7x above your head, face, neck, shoulders, or environment to reset the energy.

'Celestial Aura' Anointing Oil is an herbal and essential oil infused oil created to raise the vibrational frequency of your energy. This anointing oil is infused with prayer and intention, and charged on my altar. I use this blend to anoint my chakras, especially my third eye chakra prior to divination or dreaming, or anywhere I feel energy blockages. This oil is versatile and its effect is based on the intention of the user. For example: If you need ground to your energy, apply this oil on the soles of your feet. If you need to be more open and vulnerable, use it on your heart space (heart chakra). 

To Use: For best results, use with intention. Speak your desired outcome or intention aloud as you apply the oil and it will be so.