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'Celestial Aura' Anointing Oil

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'Celestial Aura' Anointing Oil is an herbal and essential oil infused oil created to raise the vibrational frequency of your energy. This anointing oil is infused with prayer and intention, and charged on my altar. This oil is versatile and its effect is based on the intention of the user. For example: If you need ground to your energy, apply this oil on the soles of your feet. Or if you need to be more open and empathetic, use it on your heart space (heart chakra). Personally, I use this blend to anoint my chakras, especially my third eye chakra prior to divination or dreaming, or anywhere I feel energy blockages. 

To Use: For best results, use with intention. Speak your desired outcome or intention aloud as you apply the oil and it will be so.