Healing Should Be Filled With Grace & Sweetness

 Sweet Like Honey offers a holistic approach to healing by gently holding space for the complex, cyclical nature of healing with grace, faith, love, and a sense of humor. Healing is a collaborative effort. We work with nature, our ancestors & spirit guides, and our community for our collective well-being. Sweet Like Honey offers products, services, workshops, events, and community initiatives to give our clients a holistic healing experience for the body, mind, & soul.

Origins of Sweet Like Honey

Sweet Like Honey Testimonials

"Yahna helped me heal from my enlarged thyroid and chronic sore throats. Not only by creating my unique tea blend and tincture but also by getting to the root of my issue. She also reviewed and explained my birth chart, how it all interacted. After following Yahna's healing program I haven't had any issues with my thyroid or a sore throat."


"'Mama & Me' Herbal Tea is my favorite tea. The flavor is so delicious and I love the fact that it has so many helpful herbs and ingredients for my body. Also, it really does feel like a warm hug! It is so relaxing and calming, it soothes my soul."


"I can say from personal experience my joints don't hit the same unless this ['GoodVibez' Smoke Blend] is in it."

  • Love Is The Foundation

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